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We're a niche, data focused Consultancy, Support and Services company, offering Swiss style service to a Global Market.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Database Administration

Supporting databases of all shapes and sizes that underpin application systems of varying complexity of design and criticality to your business operations.

Database Architecture Design

Be it database infrastructure or schema design, data placement or licensing, QS2 architects and engineers can review, architect and implement the platform environment that is most effective for your needs.

Disaster Recovery Planning

We plan and implement recoverability solutions so that you can operate knowing that your business can run after disaster strikes.

Database Design and Development

Getting a design right early on and developing on that foundation is fundamental to increasing productivity and reducing wasted time and money in your organisation.

High Availability Design

We've designed availability into countless applications that are the lifeblood of the organisation for use during operational hours no matter what they are.

On Call

Systems don't just run between 9 & 5 on weekdays. If you need escalation support, QS2 has the processes and people to cover your operations.

Maintenance Solution Packages

Whatever the data facing application, we work with customers on the periodic maintenance plan that suits its needs and keeps it healthy and operational.


We enable Database Administrators to acquire needed skills and experience to operate effectively in their role as well as the mindset of continued operations checks and planning needed for a stable database environment.

Microsoft Official Curriculum

Our Microsoft Certified Trainers can deliver MOC Courses with the added benefit of having real-world experience in the technologies they present, leading to distilled beneficial knowledge in areas needed by individuals or learning groups.

Azure Migration Assessments

Looking to leverage cloud but don't know how?

We will help in your digital transformation to a modern data platform, while keeping costs and complexity under control.

Augmented Database Feature Review

Data within your platform can be augmented using supported 1st class services and features in the cloud an on premises. We can help you understand the value of your business data and the services you can use to leverage the value of your data.

Azure Migration Services

We can deliver a variety of migrations options that include lift and shift of systems, or developing enhancements to prepare and modernise systems to leverage scale and features in Microsoft Azure


“...their broad experience and deep-rooted operational skills would be needed in ensuring the stable and smooth delivery of the project...”

Andre Kaufmann, Operations Manager

ABB Information Systems Ltd


Ready to find out more?

Do you have a tough challenge, but don't know where to start? If so, you've come to the right place.

To learn more about our service offerings and industry experience, or to have a representative contact you directly, contact us using our e-mail form, or call us on the numbers provided.

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